3 Ways To Work Your Quads


If your goal is strong, curved legs then a regular quads session is vital. You’re already doing weighted leg extensions at the gym, but what else can you do to target those quads? Here are some simple ideas to help you hit your goal.

  1. Step Up with weights. Pull up your body onto the bench solely using the leg planted on the bench. use the trailing leg only as a counter balance support. Hold weights in each hand for extra burn. Don’t push yourself up with your trailing leg! 10 reps on each leg before alternating the leg
  2. Squats with heel elevated. Hold a plate in front of your chest and use two plates on the gym floor to elevate your heels. As you rise press through your toes to concentrate the effort on your quads. Keep your upper body tall.
  3. Sissy squats with heel elevated. The following video clip shows three variations on this exercise to tone those quads.  Click Here

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