7 Day Fitness Challenge Day Two

The challenge is real, youfitties! Welcome to Day Two of your Fitness Challenge. You made it through Day One, you can get through Day Two. Yes, your body may be sore and telling you to quit but remember why you started this journey. A few days ago we posted this motivational message …life is like a workout - the harder it is the stronger you become

You are strong, youfitties! Stronger than you know. No going back now! Let’s do this for ourselves!

Day Two

How To …

  • Perform each exercise for 40 seconds then rest for 20 seconds.
  • Take 1 minute of active rest between blocks, more if needed.
  • Do not perform any exercises that cause you pain or discomfort.
  • Start with a warm up and end with a cool down and stretch.
5 min Warm up at an easy-moderate pace 4-5 on RPE Scale
40 sec Jump to Squats/Rest 20 seconds: With feet shoulder width apart, bend the knees, and jump forward as far as you can, landing in a squat. Walk back and repeat. 7-9 on RPE Scale
40 sec Bear Crawls/Rest 20 seconds: Squat and walk the hands out into a plank (knees down for a modification). Do a pushup (optional), then walk the hands back and stand up. Add a jump for more intensity. 7-9 on RPE Scale
Repeat, alternating exercises
Rest 1 minute – Block 2
40 sec Plyo lunges/Rest 20 seconds: Begin in a lunge position and jump, switching the feet in the air and landing in a lunge with the other leg forward. 7-9
40 sec Side to side lunge/Rest 20 seconds: Pivot the body to the right while taking the left leg back into a lunge and punching the left arm straight up. Come back to start and repeat on the other side. Add a jump for more intensity. 7-9
Repeat, alternating exercises
Rest 1 minute – Block 3
40 sec Roll Ups/Rest 20 seconds: Stand in front of your mat and squat to the floor. Sit on the mat and roll back. Using momentum, roll back up, stand and add a jump if desired. 7-9
40 sec High knee jogs/Rest 20 seconds: Jog in place, bringing the knees to hip level. 7-9
Repeat, alternating exercises
Rest 1  minute – Block 4
40 sec Plyo jacks/Rest 20 seconds – This is like a very slow jumping jack. Jump the feet wide into a low squat and then jump them back together while circling the arms. 7-9
40 sec Mountain climbers/Rest 20 seconds – Get on the floor in a plank position, hands under shoulders and run the knees in and out as fast as you can. 7-9
Repeat, alternating exercises
5 min Cool down at an easy pace and stretch 3-4
Total Workout Time: 30 Minutes


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