youfitty 7 Day Fitness Challenge Day 6

Well done , youfitties, for getting this far! Keep it up and complete the challenge!

Day 6

Perform each element for 40 seconds, followed by 20 seconds active recovery and hydration.

  • Jump rope
  • Four punches and a Burpee repeated
  • Jump rope
  • Squat, reach down and touch the ground then kick out. Alternate the leg that kicks out.
  • Jump rope
  • 4 high knees, then 4 mountain climbers. Repeat the movement keeping your core tight and spine in neutral position.
  • Jump rope
  • Atomic push ups. Start in a high plank position with feet on a towel or sliders. Lower entire body down to the ground keeping elbows in 45 degree angle away from body. Push up off the ground, engage your core, and draw in your knees to your chest keeping feet on the towel or sliders. Then push legs back out into the high plank position.
  • Repeat the sequence

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