Smmash Leggings

No more boredom! 
The SMMASH women’s sports leggings are perfect for every gym superhero!

The specially developed fibres of silver ions have an antibacterial effect and thus reduce unpleasant odors and prevent germs. The intelligent fibers are designed for maximum comfort during periods of high physical stress. 

Breathable fabrics for a pleasant body feel while exercising! 

The women’s fitness leggings allow the skin to breathe and nestle at the same time to your body. Sweat is derived from the skin surface and you will always stay dry during endurance training. 

Intelligent design, no tearing and high elasticity. 
No matter how active you become, our sports pants will not let you down! The SMMASH nano-stretch material is twice as thin as conventional brands and three times as strong – because we guarantee long-lasting quality. 

The black leggings with superhero inside patterns not only look cool - they also keep their cool through the innovative 3D web technology. This will not make you too cold or too warm in the training pants of SMMASH X-WEAR. 

No loss of color or transparency. 
With SMMASH X-WEAR, you're looking for quality and not to worry to make a purchase. Our fabrics are opaque and accurate!